Martenette Farms

Pickup Locations

On-Farm 24 hr lead time (Get Directions)
49 Wertsville Rd.
Hillsborough NJ 08844
When:Tuesday-Saturday 9:00-7:00 pm
Our on farm pick ups are packaged within 24 hrs of purchase. Customer will be notified via email when their package will be available. As there are several enterprises, barns and houses on the farm property, we would ask first time customers to call and receive pick instructions from Andrea (818) 568-3106 or Tony (908)625-4886.

Bodhi Breathe/Bodhi Build (Get Directions)
19 N. Doughty Street
Somerville NJ 08876
When:Tuesday, Thursday 10:40-11 am
This pick up is timed to begin after Tony's yoga class. If you would like to take the class, it begins at 9:30 am and the drop in rate is $19.