About Farmbrite

Our goal is to help farmers be more productive and successful through the use of technology.

We are passionate about where our food comes from. We feel so strongly about this that we moved and bought a small farm where we raise animals and have a small market garden. During this process we came in contact with small producers that were disorganized, struggling and losing business. We also found it hard to keep track of our own small business; what we grew, what animals we sold and what our business looked like from day to day.

We looked around for software specifically tailored to help small farmers, but didn’t find anything that fit our needs. So in 2014 we developed and released the first version of Farmbrite and we've been working on it ever since. We value the contribution and hard work of small farmers and we want to support them in that endeavor. We make 4-H accounts free so that young farmers can have access to these tools to help them get started more easily.

We’re a husband and wife team based in Boulder County Colorado USA. We feel strongly that your success is our success.We know that you will find Farmbrite to be a useful tool that will help you be more successful in your agricultural business. Read some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

What users are saying about Farmbrite

  • You care so much about your customers! Keep up the good work! - Dan
  • It is the best and easiest program I've ever used - John
  • Your program is so intuitive, you almost don’t need a user’s manual. - Mark
  • Thank you for your product! ... I have worked with your accounting system and it is the best that I have ever come across for my situation - Cindy
  • The easiest I have (used to) keep up with my records, profits and expenses... - Abner
  • So far the best Farm Management Software that I can find - Chris
  • Thanks for creating what's looks to me like a great app for us new farmers who are getting our market farm projects going. - Phillip