Easy to use Farm Software Features!

Farm Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Record income & expenses
  • Generate P&L statements
  • Chart spending and income patterns
  • Manage your farm's budget
  • Associate income and expenses to animals, crops, and sales
  • Categorize your income & expenses
  • Record transactions on the run from your mobile

Farm bookkeeping features

Animal & Livestock Record Keeping

  • Log animal records online or from your mobile
  • Track genealogy, breeding, productivity & print pedigree certificates
  • Report on Animal reproduction rates
  • Track animal production and yields
  • Store important contacts, like your Vet
  • Record important reminders and activities
  • Store images and files with each animal
  • Generate mobile QR access codes for animals

Farm record keeping features

Crop Planning & Tracking

  • Record crop & field productivity
  • Automatically generate seed order estimates
  • Log important notes online or from your mobile
  • Map your fields to determine accurate area
  • Garden layout & planning designer
  • Generate printable planting guides for your field hands
  • Chart & report on harvests
  • Record important reminders and activities

Farm planning features

Farm planning, Management & Scheduling

  • Manage your farm's schedule
  • Reminders, events and appointments
  • Consolidated view across all of your farm's assets
  • Create work schedules
  • Centralized To-Do list
  • Setup recurring tasks
  • View local weather forecasts
  • Weekly, daily and monthly views
  • Multiple users & roles

Farm management features

Tools & Equipment Record Keeping

  • Keep service logs and maintenance records
  • Store important contacts for your equipment
  • Record detailed notes online or from your mobile
  • Record important reminders and activities
  • Store images and files
  • Generate mobile QR codes for your tools and equipment
  • Easily access online service manuals

Farm equipment record keeping features

Customer & Contact Management

  • Store important contacts in one safe place
  • Keep detailed notes about vendors, employees or customers
  • Import contacts from other systems
  • Automatically record new customers from online store
  • Easily access contact info from you mobile

Farm CRM features

Custom Online Farm Website & Store

  • Easily create a custom website for your farm
  • Manage your online inventory
  • Promote and sell your products online
  • Sell shares or csa memberships online
  • Securely process credit card transactions
  • Track online orders and generate packing slips
  • Automatically track new customers from your online store
  • Integrate your own merchant (stripe.com) account to receive credit card payments
  • Communicate pick-up locations, hours of operation, and contact information

Farm marketing features

Your data is always your data!

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